Nu-Beginning Farm is now offering shares to our 2015 CSA in the Staunton, Virginia area with deliveries beginning in mid May, 2015. We are happy to offer a Dairy Share offered though Mountain View Farm, of 1/2# cheese and 1/2# butter each drop!
    Applications are now being accepted. Please follow the links below for further information.  We've extended the deadline to sign up, so don't miss this great opportunity.  Make your decision, then send us your application with full payment as soon as possible!  If you have any additional questions after reading the information, please e-mail us.  We want you to completely understand the process before committing financially.  First preference for available shares will go to the 2014 members
Some of Nu-Beginning products at the Staunton Farmers' Market
What IS a CSA?  A CSA is Community Supported Agriculture.  This is a situation where you buy directly from the farm, like a Farmers’ Market, but the products are delivered to a centralized drop point for you to pick up. 
Are there monthly fees?  No!  There is a one time membership fee.  The customers pre-pay a few months in advance, for the entire year, and then receive fresh produce and other goodies in season throughout the growing year! 
How do I get my food?  There will be three drop points, George Bower's Grocery, our retail store called The Store in Staunton, and here at the farm in Greenville where you can pick up your bag of goodies.  There will be specific hours for the pick up so if you can't make it, please send a friend to pick it up for you.
Share Size
Step 1, select your share size
Step 2, Select optional dairy
Share Options
Step 3, Send in your registration form and payment then wait patiently for the deliveries to begin!!
A dairy share will include 1/2 pound locally made cheese (flavors will vary each delivery) AND 1/2 pound tub of fresh local butter.
Dairy items will be provided by
Mountain View Farm
Visit them at